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… Relax, I’m talking about the end of the year. You didn’t think it would be that easy to get rid of me did you? In exactly 37 hours and 39 minutes, 2014 will hit, for most it will probably hit with a pounding headache, seedy stomach and a lack of sleep. For the more responsible people out there, well they will be the ones making breakfast for the not so responsible, I’d defiantly recommend the Huevos Rancheros.

2013 is just about over, another year filled with highs, lows, plenty of good food and so many fantastic memories shared with loved ones. Whilst I could do the classic ’10 best recipes of 2013′, lets face it I’d be putting half the blog up… This blog is a little over a year old (where did that time go?) it has provided me a creative outlet, a place to share recipes and a place to develop new friendships.

2014 will see me focusing more on doing the things I love and less of being a workaholic. This means I will be focusing a lot more on regular posts and new and exciting ways of sharing recipes with everyone. 2014 will also bring an exciting new side project with another Perth food blogger, this project will hopefully spark creative cooking and develop my flavour matching abilities to match those of a Jedi Master. Stay tuned for more details. Now back to 2013, it’s been a great year, I’ll be seeing out the end of 2013 by hosting a Mexican party, there will be plenty of Mexican food, beer and Tequila. I’ll be sure to share it all with you next year.

Before I wrap this up with my ‘list’ of awesome things, I would like to take a moment to thank my beautiful girlfriend, it can’t be easy going out with a food lover, the constant photo’s of dinner (and therefore slightly colder dinners), the never-ending talk of food and of course being asked what she’d like for dinner at 6.30 in the morning. So thank you for being there and for allowing me to share my love with food. Now I’m going to share some of my favourite food moments with you all. Have a great new years and I’ll chat to you all next year! (Oh I hope everyone had a great Christmas!)

Top Post on Inspired Food of 2013 (by the number of views)

Thai Coconut Chicken Salad

Thai coconut chicken salad 2

My Favourite Post on Inspired Food

Let’s talk tacos!


Top Dinning Experiences of 2013

Arias- Sydney

Arias-7 Arias-5Arias-8

By far one of the best dinning experiences of 2013. My girlfriend and I headed over to Sydney at the beginning of the year and I was dying to eat there. I’ve been a Matt Moran fan for a while now and I’m so glad we decided to eat there. Both the service and the food were at an excellent standard. Not to mention the views.

Co-Op Dinning – Perth

Co-Op-Dining-3 Co-Op-Dining Co-Op-Dining-2

Another great dinning experience this year (a lot more recently). A group of bloggers from the Eat Drink Blog conference decided to catch up for a meal, and really we couldn’t have picked a better place. All the produce is sourced locally, so depending on what they find the menu changes week to week, day to day. We had the 10-course degustation menu and each and every dish was amazing… even the lambs tongue.

Top Cookbooks of 2013 (this was really, really hard to narrow down)

Save with Jamie: Jamie Oliver

Fantastic book (as you would expect) with flavour packed, cheap meals. Learning to use left overs can save everyone a lot of money. David Loftus once again fills the book with stunning images. If you don’t already own this book, what rock have you been hiding under? 😛

Dish it up, Hayden Quinn

Fantastic book by Masterchef contestant Hayden Quinn. He manages to capture the food of Australia in one book, not only are the photos excellent but there are QR codes throughout the book that link to videos

Mexican Cravings, Ben Milbourne

By now everyone should know of my love for eating and cooking Mexican food. This book (by another Masterchef contestant) gives you access to easy, fresh and flavour packed Mexican food you can make at home.

Best New Kitchenware of 2013


I.O. Shen Three-piece Knife Set– For Christmas my girlfriend got me the three-piece gift set of I.O Shen Knives. These knives are my absolute favourite, for those who know me will know I have a lot of knives (Wusthof, Jamie Oliver, Shun, Scan Pan). The I.O Shen takes it to the next level. Both stunning visually and practically you should all go out and buy at least one, I promise you wont regret it (and no I wasn’t paid to say that :P)

Favourite Blogs of 2013

This list has the potential to be massive, there are so many great blogs out there and after attending the Eat Drink Blog conference I have discovered so many more, I already have a list of my favourite blogs to the right hand side of this box, so check them out as well as some of the new ones I’ve discovered.

Laura’s Mess: Follow Laura on her journey of creating culinary mess. Not only are the photos amazing, but her way with words paints a whole new picture.

Feed Your Soul Perth: This blog has everything, from restaurant reviews around town, to recipes and plenty of information on healthy cooking. So if you are ever stuck on where to go or what to eat check out Feed Your Soul Perth.

Lemon Butter: Another cookbookaholic (I’m not alone!). Check out Lemon Butter for plenty of great baked goods and recipes to keep you full.

I hope everyone has enjoyed 2013 as much as I have and are ready to take on 2014! Eat well.

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