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To say the last few weeks have been a little on the crazy side would be an understatement. I’m not talking just a little of an understatement either. Every so called ‘spare’ minute has been used up for one thing or another (I won’t bore you with the details). Sadly this is the reason why there has been a slight drought on the posts lately. Rest assured I’ve got plans!

Now enough with the pathetic excuses for me being slack, let’s talk about feelings food!

Recently I have been doing a little bit of blogging for my local Kitchenware store (Kitchen Warehouse). The latest post was a recipe developed to use in an electric pressure cooker and man did it rock. So here I am sharing it with you guys because it’s the only thing I’ve cooked for a while! Head over to their page, look at pretty pictures and leave a comment, you know you want to!

As far as cookbooks go, let’s just say I’ve been banned from even stepping foot into a book shop… BUT I did manage to sneak in a purchase of Rick Stein’s India. What an inspirational book! From the recipes to the pictures it’s one of the few books that make curries look sexy! I highly recommend you buy yourself a copy.

As for blog posts you must read, well just as I was about to hit publish I got distracted and found this post by the great The Sugar Hit. Check it out and remember to wipe the drool after.

I’ll be back soon with some more ramblings, a couple of pictures and maybe a recipe or two. 🙂

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