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Buttery Chilli and Lime Barbecued Sweet Corn


Buttery chilli, lime barbecued sweet corn, all in squeezed in the one sentence… sounds like heaven right? It is, trust me. Gather your friends, dust off your BBQ’s, refill your gas bottles (or buy sufficient coals), ice the beers and prepare to feast. This weekend is the AFL Grand Final (apparently footy is pretty popular around here?). Although I’m not a massive footy fan, the grand final of any sporting event provides the perfect opportunity to hang out with your mates, drink beer in the middle of the day (without being judged) and to feast on delicious snack foods such as this corn right here.

Buttery Chilli, Lime Barbecued Sweet Corn

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60Total Time

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  • 4 corns on the cob with husks still on
  • 60g butter, melted
  • 2 red chilies, finely diced
  • zest of one lime
  • good handful coriander, roughly chopped
  • a pinch of salt

Now What?

  1. Soak the corn in a big bowl of water for about 15 minutes (this will stop the husks burning)
  2. Meanwhile melt the butter, add the chill, lime zest, coriander and a sprinkle of salt and set aside.
  3. Prep the BBQ (This can be done on a griddle pan on the stove). Pull back the cornhusks without pulling them off completely and remove any of the stringy bits.
  4. Brush with the butter and then pull the husks back over. Throw them onto the barbecue for about 5 minutes on each side or until the husks are locking nicely charred.
  5. Next carefully peel back the husks again (use tongs or something because they will be hot!) brush again with the butter mixture and then throw back onto the barbecue. Cook for another 10-15 minutes turning occasional and brushing with some more butter here and there.
  6. Squeeze some lime over the top, grab a beer, sit in front of the TV and pretend you know what’s happening!



  1. These look so good, corn always looks so much more appealing when left its husk!! Also, definitely swooning over your enamel plates :)
    • Matt says:
      Totally agree! It makes corn look nice and fancy haha. Enamel plates are awesome and cheap! You should buy some :P Speaking of buying did you end up getting a waffle maker? or did you resist the urge to join the darkside?
  2. Get that corn going any day! And drinking beer in the middle of the day… you know I'm there!!! :)
  3. I was just talking the other day about how much I love barbecued corn, ESPECIALLY with lime and chilli! Yum!
    • Matt says:
      It really is a winning combination! SO good! If you get the chance to do it over an open fire/hot coals you have to do it! Takes it to a whole new level and wow. :)
  4. laurasmess says:
    Yummmm. Such summery goodness (I am missing Mexican food SO much whilst away from home! It's ridiculously hard to get over here! Beer on the other hand? Bwahahahaa!). Another awesome post right here Matty!
  5. damn delicious and comforting bbq corn... lovin how it's caramelized!
  6. I love coriander - love how you have incorporated it with lime and corn!
  7. Oh this delicious corn brings back so many memories from back home. We would eat roasted corn rubbed with lemon, chilli and salt, so good :) Love the post.

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