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Oh hi, how’s it going? Have you got a second? It won’t take long. Make yourself a coffee and pull up a chair. I want to tell you about the time I almost screamed like a little schoolgirl. I say almost to preserve my street credit, but between you and I, I may have screamed just once, possibly even twice. Let me rewind a little, you know, fill you in on the back-story to give you some background to what I’m rambling about. Hang in there, it’s worth it.

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It all began one sunny Sunday morning, ok maybe not so sunny, more slightly overcast but I digress. It was a Sunday morning I was driving home from a wedding the night before, naturally a little tired and headachy from not drinking enough water throughout the evening. Suddenly out of nowhere my phone decides to buzz not once but twice. Now me being a law-abiding citizen did not pick up the phone, but a quick glance to investigate the noise and my eyes were drawn to the words “are you available Saturday to go to Sydney to see Jamie Oliver?” Needless to say after seeing those magical words my heart began beating a 100-mile an hour and I just new I had to pull over to respond (this may have been the part where I let out just a little scream). That was that, after sending my response, it was all confirmed, I was booked in to meet the man who sparked my love for cooking good simple food and my terrible cookbook addiction, it was happening but it didn’t feel real, not yet anyway

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