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August 31, 2015
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September 28, 2015

This one time I cooked for Matt Moran

Isn’t it funny how time gets away from you? I was on a roll for half a second there providing you with a post almost weekly… What happened you ask? Well either I got super lazy or life got super busy… I’ll let you decide on that one. All that aside, right now I want to tell you all something very exciting….  I GOT TO MEET ANOTHER ONE OF MY FOOD IDOLS…. did you all get that? Now I don’t want to blow my own bubble or anything, (caution the following my contain some soppy follow your dreams and make your life better mumbo jumbo) but this time a year ago I had been in the same job for 7 years. I felt like I was stuck in an endless ground hog day, sleep walking through life. Then one day after a series of unfortunate events and one very timely phone call my eyes were open and my world had taken a turn for the better. Don’t let your fear of change hold you back from following your dreams. Get out there and do it.

Ok enough of that soppy business. Did I tell you I MET MATT MORAN?!? Ok that’s a slight lie, I didn’t just meet him I WAS HIS DISH PIG for a cooking demonstration at Kitchen Warehouse. Let’s be honest, it is not everyday you volunteer to do someone else’s dishes right? Yeah there was slightly more to just washing up, I got to be Mr Moran’s assistant for the day (well a couple of hours). There were a few things I had to do ahead of time (due to time constraints) So apart from washing dishes and prepping ingredients, essentially I was cooking with/for Matt Moran! I’ll take that. One of the tasks was to cook pasta al dente, not to sound to cocky but that’s easy right? Well my colleagues didn’t think so, one being Italian and the other having lived in Italy for some time felt the need to buy 30 packets (this number might be a slight exaggeration but never let the facts get in the way of a good story right?) of pasta just in case I got it wrong… I’ll have you all know I nailed it with the first pack. Just thought I’d share that little bit of information with you all. I’m afaid I have no recipe to attach to this post, BUT if you head over to the Kitchen Warehouse blog you can get the recipe to a Pan Roasted Snapper in a Bonito Master Stock served with Asian Greens. That dish was the one Matt Moran decided to feed me after a busy couple of hours. You can also head over to Kristy Leigh to see some more photos of the event, I kinda hand my hands full. I’ll be back soon with an actual recipe, less soppy mumbo jumbo and slightly less “look at me and look who I got to meet” … unless I meet someone else awesome soon… I promise you will get to hear all about it. I’m out of coffee, so I’m out of here.


  1. That all sounds like fun. How was it working with Matt? I worked with him about 15 years ago when Aria first opened it's doors to the public. It was so fun being part of it. He sure kept us on our toes and always had a close eye on everything we were doing.
  2. chef mimi says:
    That is very cool!!!
  3. Saskia (1=2) says:
    You did what??! That's a pretty awesome addition to your CV! Great photos, and the roasted snapper sounds and looks pretty damn amazing. Oh, and I'm with you on the previously-posting-weekly thing. I only manage 1 per month now. Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes!
    • Yeah, you read that right, I did that :P :) That snapper was incredible! I do suggest you make it :) Life certainly does get in the way right! It should be law that people with blogs are only allowed to work 4 days a week! :D
  4. laurasmess says:
    YES. Life is too short to wish your days away in a mundane job (says me, whilst sitting at my desk eating lunch at my mundane workplace. Cash, right? ARGH). Glad that the leap was totally worth it! These are inspired words, not just inspired food (sorry, I was getting in on the soppy follow your dreams stuff, will get back to being hard assed now). This post was cool. Matt is cool. Being his dishpig/food sampler/sous chef/fanboy is super cool. Brag as much as you like buddy!
    • Haha yes it certainly is! But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get to where you're going.... It's far to early to know if that even made sense but I'm sure you get my meaning! You can get as soppy as you like, I'll allow it just this once :)

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