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I've teamed up with Rachel from Bubbalove to bring you the best Aussie recipe books! You all know my addiction to cookbooks and these are some of the best for all those busy, creative parents.

When you’re a parent you know that interesting, creative, and healthy food is essential to giving your child or children a great start in life. But sometimes it can be hard to come up with new ideas, not to mention menus that are doable, and can fit into your busy schedule!

So here we list for you some of the best Australian recipe books, with people like you in mind.

1. Recipes from My Mother’s Kitchen – Guy Grossi

In this intimate and personal collection of over 100 recipes and stories, Guy Grossi shares some of his family’s cooking secrets. They date back to the 1960s, when his mother, recently arrived in Melbourne from northern Italy, would cook pastas, braises, soups, and puddings for her large family. She taught her son how to roll gnocchi, whisk zabaglione, and knead pagnotta, and he has been using those skills and adapting them ever since.

Recipes from My Mother’s Kitchen consists of 272 pages of genuine and professional recipes from Grossi. An icon in Italian cooking in Australia, Grossi owns four renowned restaurants, working in amongst it all as head chef at Grossi Florentino in Melbourne. He has also starred as a leading Italian authority on shows such as MasterChef Australia and My Italian Food Safari.












Recipes from My Mother’s Kitchen – Photo by Sharyn Cairns

2. One Handed Cooks – Allie Gaunt, Jessica Beaton, Sarah Buckle

This comprehensive compilation of over 100 recipes is focused on providing the nutrients that children need, while also including practical advice for parents to encourage their children to eat. The book will show you how to prevent fussy eating, overcome a child’s refusal to eat, cater to food allergies or intolerances, and manage teething. Most importantly, it will help you build up a positive association with meal times, so that your child can enjoy the best of healthy foods.

One Handed Cooks, the book, evolved out of the popular website and magazine with the same name. Since its release in 2014, the magazine has become a leading source of information and recipes for food for babies, toddlers, and family food. With an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) on the team, One Handed Cooks combines a fun, positive approach, with professional advice.

3. Family Food and Weekend Feasts – Janelle Bloom

Here, popular TV chef Janelle Bloom presents some every day, doable recipes, made fun. She gives you some amazing ideas for desserts and quick meals, as well as for special occasions. Her slow-cooked curry-crusted lamb looks amazing, and you’ll just crave her profiteroles with tiramisu ice-cream and hot fudge sauce.










Family Food and Weekend Feasts, credit: Random House Australia 

4. Cooking at Home – Karen Martini

This tender book is about sharing a meal together, even if just once or twice a week. Author and mother Karen Martini understands the constant dilemma of what to prepare each week, as well as the complications involved in going out and buying complex ingredients. The dishes she provides you with here are easy, simple, but impressive and comforting. There are meals inspired by a range of traditional and international cuisine, but with a fun and impressive twist. This collection of 150 recipes, together with beautiful photos, will be sure to inspire you to bring everyone together for a great family meal.

5. Healthy Budget Food – Readers Digest

Parenting isn’t cheap, so it’s worth having this book handy for some inspired fabulous meal making on a budget. Packed with over 80 delicious, healthy, and affordable recipes, you can be confident of finding something to cook each time you flip through it.

Author Bio: This article was written by Rachel Noonan who manages and runs online baby store, Bubbalove who stock a wide range of accessories from baby food machines, bibs, feeding bottles and more! Check out Bubbalove’s Eat range today.
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