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The Gage Road Stories

Five beers, five recipes and a good time, coming soon

Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to The Gauge Road Stories, five beers, five recipes and a good time had by all… Mainly me and whoever gets to drink the beer and eat the food, but free virtual hugs to the rest of you fine people. I entice, encourage, in fact, I implore you join the fun. Chapter One out now.. 

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WA Signature Dish 2015

Buy West Eat Best WA Signature Dish 2015 - Semi-finalist Fresh, local and in season produce is what food is all about. When you eat fresh food at its prime season, it just tastes so much better! I'm incredibly lucky to live in a state that offers so much...

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This little piggy… on a Spit

Well good morning, unless it is afternoon wherever you are in the world, in which case good afternoon. As for you night owls I guess it would be good evening to you? Well you all get the point. Hello, hi, how's it going? I'm going to start this post with a...

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This one time I cooked for Matt Moran

Isn't it funny how time gets away from you? I was on a roll for half a second there providing you with a post almost weekly... What happened you ask? Well either I got super lazy or life got super busy... I'll let you decide on that one. All that aside, right now I...

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My Inspired Table – April’s Shakshuka

According to my good mate Google, inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. I  however define inspiration as 'That looks incredible and I want to stuff my face with it right now'....

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Almost Campfire Baked Beans

Imagine a world in which you are surround by Karri trees as far as the eye can see. Imagine a world in which kookaburras watch your every move (and laugh their arses off at you for no particular reason making you question if your shirt is inside out, or your pants...

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